HI!, I'm Nihal Navath 👋

I am a 18 year old computer enthusiast

I make video games, programs and websites

But making games is my passion

I also have huge fascination towards video games ;)

About me

👋 Hello there!
I'm a Full Stack developer. I've worked on various projects, some of them are - a socket.io chat app, discord bot and websites! :D

My primary language is python; I am also comfortable with js and c#. I also work with HTML/CSS and have worked with technologies like Node.js and socket io. I also have experience in databases such as MongoDB & PostgreSQL.

Might mostly not be up for freelancing as I am busy with studies and other freelancing jobs and projects I own, but feel free to hit me up at contact page nonetheless.

Languages I'm most used to work with:

Technologies I'm most used to work with:

Ofc, very open to work with stuff not mentioned above
...And always learning ;)

Recent Projects

For the complete list and links to projects visit this page


<DSW> Bot

An economy bot written in python3 and using mongoDB as the database.



A web chat app that includes features such as disconnection message, username login, one username per user feature, live connected users counter.


Status Alerter

A bot that notifies/Alerts a server through a message when another bot goes down. The main use is to let users know when a bot goes offline and becomes unusable.

Rickroll Generator

Custom Rickroll Generator

A rick roll generator that can disguise links to bait potential victims! With rich preview to deceive your victims even more, rick rolling has never been this easy.

...and more! view all

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