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📝Website was revamped again! see the latest revamp news here was revamped!

Website updates

The website has undergone exiting updates (well for me at least) since I lasted updated, here are a minified sum of the changes.

update logs

1. Blogs are now written in markdown instead of raw html

Blogs (like this one) used to be written in raw html which was a pain, but now they are written in markdown and is converted to html in the backend using remarkable, title, description, and meta tags are placed in a "config.json" file where the backed can read from it and places the tags on demand using ejs.

2. Code syntax highlighting

Snippets of code are now highlighted!

print("Cool right? 😎")

The backend converts the markdown and adds classes that highlight js understands

3. Theme changer for all pages!

Dark-light theme used to be only available on the home page, and the rest were still in the light (haha.. get it? ok wow that sounded good in my head) Plus when visiting a page it used to flashbang you since the default theme was dark mode and client side javascript was responsible for changing the theme and since there is an unavoidable execution delay it used to create a "flashbang" like effect which I found annoying

4. Community editable blogs

All the blogs on this site are now editable by the community! This should hopefully help fix spelling/grammatical errors quickly and should help articles stay up to date.

5. Site now use express templates and ejs

NihalNavath now uses express view engines and ejs to display content.

6. Page revamps

Many pages were revamped and redesigned, added social handles to contact page, social share buttons no longer show up on blogs if using a mobile device

7. Global FH

The site now uses a global header and footer, this avoid each page having different content on the header/footer

8. Error logging

All http error requests and backend errors are now logged to make it easier and quicker to fix errors and bugs

9. Contact

Contact page now includes a form, which makes it easier then ever to contact, plus added my social handles

Planned updates:-

  1. Release community edit button

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